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The Big 5 Exhibition Welcomes You!

Welcome to The Big 5 Exhibition, the country’s most important five days for the construction and trades industries. The Big 5 Exhibition is one of the largest trade shows for design, building, renovation, and repair companies and contractors, offering a unique event full of specialty exhibitions and a chance to meet and greet the best in the business.

The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to call itself the most comprehensive event for commercial and residential contractors, including tradespersons in the HVAC installation and repair, roofing, plumbing, home renovation and remodeling, architecture, interior and exterior maintenance and cleaning, and all other related trades and industries. Our event allows representatives from all these industries, including buyers, distributors, contractors, and other decision makers, to come together under one roof, to collaborate, innovate, and share their combined skills and expertise.

The Big 5 Exhibition is dedicated to enhancing and supporting improved performances, and our members proudly vote every year on one company to take home the honor of being called #1 in their chosen field from the categories below.

Building & Construction

Our building and construction category is for suppliers of all the components and materials, including fittings and prefabricated systems, as well as services to the construction trades. This category is also for contractors performing actual builds from the ground up.

Water Technology & Environment

The responsible and safe use of water in the construction and trades industries is so vital that we at The Big 5 Exhibition felt it deserved its own category. Whether it’s water damage cleanup and repair, desalination, or water recycling and conservation, this is the spot for all water-related tradespersons and decisions makers.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating, and HVAC

Virtually no building or structure is complete with air conditioning and heating, and proper refrigeration is vital for storing foodstuffs, medical supplies, and computer components. As there is a continuous need for innovation in this category, we welcome all HVAC engineers and related tradespersons.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Proper cleaning is about more than curb appeal; a clean structure is a secure and stable one, and proper cleaning of homes and commercial structures requires innovation and expertise. Whether it’s interior flooring or exterior walls and concrete, we recognize the important contributions of those in the cleaning and maintenance trades.

Glass & Metal

With the emphasis on eco-friendly, recyclable options for surfaces and building materials, The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to recognize the contributions of glass cutters and metal tradespersons. With a strong emphasis on environmentally conscious innovation and design, glass and metal trades are a vital part of the building and construction industries.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Ceramics

As kitchens and bathrooms are often the most renovated and remodeled spaces in a home, it’s vital that engineers and tradespersons be encouraged to consider energy-savings and eco-friendly innovations in this category, as well as having a place to showcase trends in their industries.

Marble & Stone



Construction and building is a major user of both natural and manmade marble and stone materials. With an increasing demand for these products having to meet the expectations of eco-friendly harvesting and manufacturing processes, The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to showcase some of the best tradespersons in this industry.