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How to Find an Expert Plumbing Company

This post is put forth by Princeton Plumbing Pros.  They have been selected as our choice plumber for the Big 5 Exhibition and have given us this piece of content to help homeowners find the RIGHT plumber.


Finding a plumbing company you can trust can be a challenge.  Finding a plumbing company you can trust when there is water gushing from a broken pipe or sewage is overflowing from a stopped-up drain is more than a challenge.  


There are some tips you can use to make sure that the plumbing company you select is trustworthy and competent.  Following them can save you time, frustration, and money.


How to find an expert plumbing company.  Finding an expert plumbing company you can trust is a matter of common sense and doing a little homework.  Things you should look for in a plumbing company include:


  • Make sure the plumbing company is licensed;
  • Check their background and experience using local sources for review and feedback,
  • How do they present themselves, and;
  • Do they carry all the required insurance?



Licensing and Permits

Any plumbing company you choose should be licensed by the jurisdiction in which they are doing business.  State agencies usually oversee the licensing of plumbers. Local jurisdictions may also have additional licensing requirements as well as registration for anyone doing contract plumbing work.  


A reputable plumber should have not qualms about answering questions about their licenses.  Many jurisdictions require a licensed plumber to carry a wallet-sized copy of their license for just such occasions.


Depending on the type of plumbing job that you are having done, local building codes may require that the job be permitted and inspected.  You should know before any work starts if the plumbing contractor is responsible for taking out the permits or if this is your responsibility.

Background and Experience

In this digital age, finding information on the background and experience of a plumbing company should be relatively easy.  There are many local online agencies and websites that tally customer reviews and responses about all sorts of companies providing services in their area.


A search of Plumber in Princeton NJ returns pages of recommendations.  Online services such as YELP, HomeAdvisor, and ThreeBestRated often include comments and reviews of local plumbing companies as part of their services.  Some of these online services will allow you to post a question about the plumbing company. This is a good way to solicit reviews and recommendations from others plumber in princeton njwho may have used the company in the past.


Asking your friends and relatives for recommendations is another good way to find a trustworthy plumbing company with known background and experience.  First-hand experience is the best kind of information about the quality of work and reputation of any plumbing company. 


The Better Busines Bureau is another good resource for checking the background and reliability of a local business.  The BBB will provide information on many companies including the way they respond to complaints and how they conduct their client relationships.




Finally, ask other contractors or service providers you have used in the past.  Most tradespeople are knowledgeable about the reputation and kind of service that other trade people provide.  If you have another contractor or service provider with whom you are comfortable, ask their opinion about the plumbing companies they would recommend.


How Does the Company Present Itself

Your first impressions about the way the company presents itself are one of your best tools to judge a plumbing company.  The way a company maintains its public profile is a good indication of the way they do business. There are some things to look for:


Look at Their Vehicles

Reputable companies maintain their vehicles in top condition.  Keeping a fleet of vehicles is a financial necessity. Small companies with only one or two vehicles rely on those cars or trucks on a daily basis and it is imperative that those vehicles are kept.


A plumber who arrives in a dilapidated truck or van with no markings or signage may be questionable.  Many people think that the way a technician maintains their vehicle is an indication of the way they perform their work.


The vehicles used by most plumbing companies are rolling advertising.  The companies want to give the best impression possible. Even small independent plumbers will have some kind of identification on their vehicles.  Beware the plumber who shows up incognito at your home.

Look at the Person

Did the plumber arrive in a uniform?   Is it neat and clean? Most plumbing companies will outfit their employees in identifiable uniforms.  The employee represents the company and should reflect the business professionally.


Even reputable plumbers who work alone will have some sort of work uniform.  It may not be a logoed uniform, but they will dress in a way that reflects their professionalism and expertise in their chosen field.

Some plumbing companies go above and beyond.  When the plumber slips on a pair of disposable covers of their work boots before entering your home, you get the idea that this company is interested in your best interest and the best interest of your home.


Another good indication of the professionalism of the plumbing company is the way they handle their business.  Do they provide a written estimate of the work to be performed? Do they use printed forms with a professional logo and heading?   A plumber who writes your invoice on a yellow legal pad in pencil doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.


Finding an Expert Plumbing Company

Of course, if you have water running through your house from a broken pipe, you may not have time to do the due diligence to find an expert plumbing company.  That is one of the reasons we encourage everyone to develop a relationship with a plumbing company before a disaster occurs.  


When the time comes that you need that rapid response from someone you trust can be a lifesaver.   Taking the time before you are in that situation can mean less frustration and less panic.  


We hope the tips offered in this article help you on your way to finding a reputable expert plumbing company.  Having the knowledge and the understanding of what to look for and what is the secret to making good decisions about which plumbing company to hire for your job.

Kitchens, Bathrooms & Ceramics

Since kitchen and bathrooms are areas of the home renovated and remodeled most often, and these spaces typically have the largest impact on property values, The Big 5 Exhibition understands the valuable contribution of kitchen and bath remodelers and renovation contractors to the building and trades industries. We are also proud to recognize the work of North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels and their fine attention to detail and customer service when it comes to kitchen and bath remodeling in the Boise area!

The Importance of a New Kitchen Design in Treasure Valley

A new kitchen design in a Treasure Valley area home offers a house an updated and upgraded look, enhancing its overall appearance and style. However, a kitchen remodel Boise can also improve a home’s resale value and equity! An outdated kitchen with worn or damaged surfaces and aging appliances will detract from a home’s appearance and function, potentially decreasing its overall value.

white modern kitchen remodel

A new kitchen design in Boise with energy efficient appliances typically results in lower utility costs for a homeowner, and the use of less fresh water in the dishwasher and other such features, reducing their overall “carbon footprint.” Upgraded appliances also provide added storage and more options and functional features, such as added washing cycles for the dishwasher and zone temperature control for a refrigerator. A new kitchen design then makes food storage and prep easier and more efficient overall!

Why Opt for a New Bathroom Remodel in Treasure Valley

A bathroom remodel for a Treasure Valley home also enhances its overall style as well as its function. Custom cabinets and upgraded storage options allow for easier storage for everyone in the family, while water saving plumbing fixtures and features reduce the use of fresh water overall. As with a kitchen, outdated plumbing fixtures and worn surfaces detract from a bathroom’s appearance and use and can even lower a home’s value.

A bathroom renovation for a Boise area home can also open up the space, allowing room for luxury features and a true spa-like atmosphere in your home. A more open floor plan also means easier foot traffic and less crowding for those who share a bath! Renovating a home’s bathroom is an excellent option for those looking to sell down the road as well as those who want to remain in their home over the years.

Why We Recognize North Star Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Not all kitchen renovation contractors in Boise are alike, and North Star Kitchen & Bath Remodels has proven itself as standing apart from the competition. North Star Kitchen & Bath Remodels works with every customer to create a new kitchen design or bathroom remodel plan

AC and HVAC Recognition

The Big 5 Exhibition is happy to recognize Kingwood AC Repair Pros for all the excellence they offer when it comes to Kingwood TX AC repair and installation, furnace repairs, commercial HVAC installation and repairs, and installation of air purification systems. Kingwood AC Repair Pros has shown an excellent attention to customer service and is dedicated to offering the latest makes and models of commercial and residential air conditioners, furnaces, air filters, and other HVAC systems to all their customers. 

For Central AC Installation in Kingwood

Central AC installation in Kingwood is not as simple as many homeowners expect. Long Texas summers put quite a bit of stress and strain on a central AC unit, and residential air conditioners need to work that much harder to keep a home’s interior cool and comfortable.

new ac installation

The Kingwood AC installation technicians at Kingwood AC Repair Pros are all highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to today’s models of energy-efficient air conditioners, and are leaders in the industry for installation of central units, as well as ductless systems and window air conditioners. The technicians at Kingwood AC Repair Pros are dedicated to working with every customer and helping them pick out the best central AC unit for their home, and ensure that their customers understand their proper and efficient operation.

Why Kingwood AC Repair Pros for AC Maintenance 

After the installation of a central air unit in Kingwood, you’ll need regular AC maintenance! Maintaining a central air conditioning system ensures that it’s always functioning optimally and that it’s ready to respond as soon as outside temperatures begin to climb. AC maintenance of a Kingwood system also reduces wear and tear on all its internal parts, reducing your utility costs and ensuring that unit lasts as long as possible.  While maintenance will keep your unit healthy they also provide all ac repair in Kingwood TX for when your unit stops blowing cold air.

Kingwood AC Repair Pros ensures that all their service technicians are trained and qualified to work on virtually every make and model of air conditioning in use today, offering a full maintenance check on an entire system. With a full cleaning, oiling, and other quick fixes by the pros at Kingwood AC Repair Pros, your central air conditioner is sure to perform optimally and last as long as possible!

Heating Installation in Kingwood

While the warm Texas weather ensures that you won’t use your furnace often throughout the year, it is vital that a residential or commercial heating system work as expected once the temperatures drop. A new energy-efficient furnace installation in Kingwood ensures that your home or office will be toasty warm and comfortable for those times when it does get cold outside, while also saving you money on your utility costs

Why We Recognize Kingwood AC Repair Pros

Not every Kingwood air conditioning installation company in Kingwood is alike, which is why we’re happy to recognize what sets Kingwood AC Repair Pros apart from their competition! Kingwood AC Repair Pros has a dedication to customer service that ensures complete satisfaction with every project serviced and offers fast response times especially for emergency AC repair in Kingwood. They are also committed to helping as many Kingwood residents as possible upgrade to more energy-efficient HVAC systems, to save them as much money as possible while also reducing energy consumption.

The Big 5 Exhibition is proud of the work offered by Kingwood AC Repair Pros and of the example they set for other tradespersons in their industry. We hope that Kingwood residents recognize their work and dedication and wish Kingwood AC Repair Pros all the best for their business in the coming years!

Cleaning & Maintenance Recognition

Organizers of The Big 5 Exhibition understand that cleaning and maintenance are vital parts of our building and construction trades. Proper cleaning and maintenance of exterior and interior surfaces, fixtures and features, and other areas of a structure are vital for ensuring proper functioning of its systems and for preventing premature damage. The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to recognize the contributions to our industry from ProClean Power Washing Sarasota, easily the best Sarasota pressure washing company in the area!

Why Choose Commercial and Residential Power Washing in Sarasota

Power washing a Sarasota structure is vital for protecting it from damage caused by storm debris, air pollution residues, sand, silt, grit, and other grime. These residues etch and scratch exterior brick and siding, concrete, and window glass, allowing dirt and dust to settle into those cracks and make them worse over time! Soot and air pollution residues are especially drying to roofing shingles and tile, making a roof cleaning in Sarasota vital for homeowners and business owners alike.

house cleaning service

Proper power washing of a Sarasota structure also removes harmful and dangerous mold, mildew, moss, and algae, protecting roofs and exterior walls from damage while also creating a cleaner outside environment. Regular residential pressure washing in Sarasota is especially important, as mold and algae tend to grow in damp, humid environments such as the one found in the state of Florida!

Consistent pressure washing in Sarasota also improves the overall appearance and curb appeal of a structure in an instant! Dirt, grime, dried dust, and other residues create a dingy and dull appearance along outside walls and concrete while pressure washing cleans it all away, restoring the color of brick and painted concrete and allowing patio pavers, exterior glass, and other surfaces to shine!

Sarasota Soft Wash Pressure Washing Benefits

The Big 5 Exhibition recognizes the contributions of tradespersons and businesses that provide services that benefit their customers the most, and ProClean Power Washing Sarasota specializes in a proprietary soft wash pressure washing system for homes and businesses. Soft wash power washing uses specialty surfactants that dissolve thick dirt, mud, and other debris, so that only a low pressure washing is needed to rinse it all away.

Soft wash pressure washing requires less fresh water for roof cleaning and driveway pressure washing, making it an eco-friendly choice for homes and businesses. The specialty cleansers used for soft wash cleaning also make quick work of dissolving thick dirt and bothersome mold and algae, ensuring a thorough clean each and every time.

Glass & Metal Exhibitor Recognition

The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to recognize Denver Window Replacement Pros as our outstanding Glass & Metal exhibitor. Denver Window Replacement Pros is not like any other Denver window company, setting themselves apart from the competition by offering the best energy efficient window and door replacements on the market today. Their team also works with each customer to help them find the right doors and windows for their home as well as the financing they need to afford them!

The Big 5 Exhibition is always striving to find companies in the construction and home improvement industries that offer outstanding customer service as well as the most energy efficient products available. Denver Window Replacement Pros is one such window replacement company in Denver that we’re happy to recognize, for their services and their selection!

energy efficient windows and doors

Why Choose Window Replacement in Denver

Denver window replacement is sometimes a costly investment for homeowners, but new energy efficient windows can reduce utility costs while also creating a cozier and more comfortable interior environment. Denver window replacement also improves a home’s overall curb appeal in an instant, and a new style of windows can enhance the look of a home’s exterior brick or siding and create an updated appearance.

While Denver window replacements might be costly, remember that old windows are probably just as expensive in terms of lost heating and cooling! Drafty windows in a Denver house mean having to keep the furnace running more often throughout the day, while scratched and worn windows block sunlight and create an outdated and dull appearance inside and outside the home. Investing in Denver window replacements ensures that old windows won’t detract from your home’s appearance and that every part of your home looks its best.

Why Opt for Denver Window Replacement Pros

Energy efficient windows in a Denver home block out more outside heat and cold, creating a comfortable interior environment. While saving money on utility costs is a prime concern for many homeowners, remember that a drafty home environment or one that is overly warm and stuffy can even affect your health! You might struggle to fend off colds or get a good night’s sleep in a home that is draft, stuffy, humid, or uncomfortable for any reason.

Why We Recognize Denver Window Replacement Pros

There are many reasons why Denver Window Replacement Pros gets our recognition in the Glass & Metal exhibitor category. Denver Window Replacement Pros is dedicated to customer service, working with each Denver homeowner to find the right window replacements for their home. Their design team will assist in choosing a new operational style as well as window frame material, for easier opening and closing of those windows and an upgraded appearance you’re sure to love!

Denver Window Replacement Pros also understands that new window replacement costs are often out of the reach of many homeowners, and works with them to find financing they can afford. Many of their new window installation financing options require no money down and even offer zero percent financing, for maximum cost savings!

The team at Denver Window Replacement Pros also works with homeowners to search for manufacturer rebates and other such incentives. They will alert homeowners to potential tax incentives for choosing energy efficient windows in Denver, and can also suggest staggering window replacement throughout the years so that they’re more affordable overall. Denver Window Replacement Pros also ensures that all products and services are backed by a full warranty, making them one of the best window replacement companies in Denver and surrounding areas.

Water Technology & Environment Recognition

The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to recognize 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte for our Water Technology & Environment award. With industry leading practices and a fine attention to customer service, 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte offers water damage repair to Charlotte area residents that is thorough and efficient and second to none!

When You Need Charlotte Water Damage Restoration

Businesses and residents often need water damage restoration in Charlotte because of the area’s unpredictable weather and close proximity to the eastern coast. Strong storms and heavy rainfall often result in outside flooding, and even a few small inches of rainwater often result in severe water damage for a Charlotte area structure.

Professional Charlotte water damage restoration is also vital after a burst plumbing pipe, overflowing bathtub or toilet, or any other interior plumbing emergency at home. Commercial structures also need professional water damage repair after suffering through a burst plumbing pipe, broken dishwasher, backed-up grease trap, and other common emergencies.

Thorough and efficient Charlotte water damage restoration is vital for ensuring all traces of excess water are removed from carpeting and its underlying padding, a structure’s drywall and subflooring, and even wood framing. Proper water damage restoration also reduces the risk of mold growth and keeps a structure safe for occupancy, as well as eliminating unpleasant and bothersome odors.

Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte

Fire damage restoration in Charlotte is also vital, as the copious amounts of water used to extinguish a blaze can often cause as much damage as an actual flood! Proper fire damage restoration of a Charlotte structure also ensures that unstable and unsafe building framework and other surfaces and materials are removed and replaced as needed. Odor neutralizing is also vital after a fire, to remove smoky smells and the smell of burnt, charred materials and surfaces.


When You Need Mold Remediation and Cleanup in Charlotte

Mold remediation in Charlotte monitors a structure for the risk of mold growth, keeping track of humidity levels and amounts of moisture in the air. If mold should grow and develop, proper mold cleanup ensures that a structure is safe for occupants and free of damaging mold as well as algae and other harmful organisms.


Why We Chose 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte

Not every Charlotte water damage cleanup company is the same, and The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to recognize the hard work and innovation that sets 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte apart from other companies in their area. 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte offers fast response times especially for emergency services and a meticulous attention to detail that is not commonly found with other water damage cleanup companies near Charlotte.

Knowing the dangers of mold growth, 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte offers full mold remediation services after water damage cleanup, monitoring a structure for the conditions that encourage mold to grow. Their technicians know that efficient water damage repair doesn’t stop once standing water is extracted and carpets are clean and dry! The team at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte is dedicated to ensuring a structure is clean and dry and safe for occupation long after a flood or fire.

The Big 5 Exhibition is proud of the work offered by 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte and to showcase their expertise and innovation. We encourage all Charlotte area residents to consider their services when you need Charlotte water damage cleanup, fire damage repair, and mold remediation and cleanup services.


The Big 5 Exhibition Welcomes You!

Welcome to The Big 5 Exhibition, the country’s most important five days for the construction and trades industries. The Big 5 Exhibition is one of the largest trade shows for design, building, renovation, and repair companies and contractors, offering a unique event full of specialty exhibitions and a chance to meet and greet the best in the business.

The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to call itself the most comprehensive event for commercial and residential contractors, including tradespersons in the HVAC installation and repair, roofing, plumbing, home renovation and remodeling, architecture, interior and exterior maintenance and cleaning, and all other related trades and industries. Our event allows representatives from all these industries, including buyers, distributors, contractors, and other decision makers, to come together under one roof, to collaborate, innovate, and share their combined skills and expertise.

The Big 5 Exhibition is dedicated to enhancing and supporting improved performances, and our members proudly vote every year on one company to take home the honor of being called #1 in their chosen field from the categories below.

Building & Construction

Our building and construction category is for suppliers of all the components and materials, including fittings and prefabricated systems, as well as services to the construction trades. This category is also for contractors performing actual builds from the ground up.

Water Technology & Environment

The responsible and safe use of water in the construction and trades industries is so vital that we at The Big 5 Exhibition felt it deserved its own category. Whether it’s water damage cleanup and repair, desalination, or water recycling and conservation, this is the spot for all water-related tradespersons and decisions makers.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating, and HVAC

Virtually no building or structure is complete with air conditioning and heating, and proper refrigeration is vital for storing foodstuffs, medical supplies, and computer components. As there is a continuous need for innovation in this category, we welcome all HVAC engineers and related tradespersons.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Proper cleaning is about more than curb appeal; a clean structure is a secure and stable one, and proper cleaning of homes and commercial structures requires innovation and expertise. Whether it’s interior flooring or exterior walls and concrete, we recognize the important contributions of those in the cleaning and maintenance trades.

Glass & Metal

With the emphasis on eco-friendly, recyclable options for surfaces and building materials, The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to recognize the contributions of glass cutters and metal tradespersons. With a strong emphasis on environmentally conscious innovation and design, glass and metal trades are a vital part of the building and construction industries.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Ceramics

As kitchens and bathrooms are often the most renovated and remodeled spaces in a home, it’s vital that engineers and tradespersons be encouraged to consider energy-savings and eco-friendly innovations in this category, as well as having a place to showcase trends in their industries.

Marble & Stone



Construction and building is a major user of both natural and manmade marble and stone materials. With an increasing demand for these products having to meet the expectations of eco-friendly harvesting and manufacturing processes, The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to showcase some of the best tradespersons in this industry.