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Since kitchen and bathrooms are areas of the home renovated and remodeled most often, and these spaces typically have the largest impact on property values, The Big 5 Exhibition understands the valuable contribution of kitchen and bath remodelers and renovation contractors to the building and trades industries. We are also proud to recognize the work of North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels and their fine attention to detail and customer service when it comes to kitchen and bath remodeling in the Boise area!

The Importance of a New Kitchen Design in Treasure Valley

A new kitchen design in a Treasure Valley area home offers a house an updated and upgraded look, enhancing its overall appearance and style. However, a kitchen remodel Boise can also improve a home’s resale value and equity! An outdated kitchen with worn or damaged surfaces and aging appliances will detract from a home’s appearance and function, potentially decreasing its overall value.

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A new kitchen design in Boise with energy efficient appliances typically results in lower utility costs for a homeowner, and the use of less fresh water in the dishwasher and other such features, reducing their overall “carbon footprint.” Upgraded appliances also provide added storage and more options and functional features, such as added washing cycles for the dishwasher and zone temperature control for a refrigerator. A new kitchen design then makes food storage and prep easier and more efficient overall!

Why Opt for a New Bathroom Remodel in Treasure Valley

A bathroom remodel for a Treasure Valley home also enhances its overall style as well as its function. Custom cabinets and upgraded storage options allow for easier storage for everyone in the family, while water saving plumbing fixtures and features reduce the use of fresh water overall. As with a kitchen, outdated plumbing fixtures and worn surfaces detract from a bathroom’s appearance and use and can even lower a home’s value.

A bathroom renovation for a Boise area home can also open up the space, allowing room for luxury features and a true spa-like atmosphere in your home. A more open floor plan also means easier foot traffic and less crowding for those who share a bath! Renovating a home’s bathroom is an excellent option for those looking to sell down the road as well as those who want to remain in their home over the years.

Why We Recognize North Star Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Not all kitchen renovation contractors in Boise are alike, and North Star Kitchen & Bath Remodels has proven itself as standing apart from the competition. North Star Kitchen & Bath Remodels works with every customer to create a new kitchen design or bathroom remodel plan