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Cleaning & Maintenance Recognition

Organizers of The Big 5 Exhibition understand that cleaning and maintenance are vital parts of our building and construction trades. Proper cleaning and maintenance of exterior and interior surfaces, fixtures and features, and other areas of a structure are vital for ensuring proper functioning of its systems and for preventing premature damage. The Big 5 Exhibition is proud to recognize the contributions to our industry from ProClean Power Washing Sarasota, easily the best Sarasota pressure washing company in the area!

Why Choose Commercial and Residential Power Washing in Sarasota

Power washing a Sarasota structure is vital for protecting it from damage caused by storm debris, air pollution residues, sand, silt, grit, and other grime. These residues etch and scratch exterior brick and siding, concrete, and window glass, allowing dirt and dust to settle into those cracks and make them worse over time! Soot and air pollution residues are especially drying to roofing shingles and tile, making a roof cleaning in Sarasota vital for homeowners and business owners alike.

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Proper power washing of a Sarasota structure also removes harmful and dangerous mold, mildew, moss, and algae, protecting roofs and exterior walls from damage while also creating a cleaner outside environment. Regular residential pressure washing in Sarasota is especially important, as mold and algae tend to grow in damp, humid environments such as the one found in the state of Florida!

Consistent pressure washing in Sarasota also improves the overall appearance and curb appeal of a structure in an instant! Dirt, grime, dried dust, and other residues create a dingy and dull appearance along outside walls and concrete while pressure washing cleans it all away, restoring the color of brick and painted concrete and allowing patio pavers, exterior glass, and other surfaces to shine!

Sarasota Soft Wash Pressure Washing Benefits

The Big 5 Exhibition recognizes the contributions of tradespersons and businesses that provide services that benefit their customers the most, and ProClean Power Washing Sarasota specializes in a proprietary soft wash pressure washing system for homes and businesses. Soft wash power washing uses specialty surfactants that dissolve thick dirt, mud, and other debris, so that only a low pressure washing is needed to rinse it all away.

Soft wash pressure washing requires less fresh water for roof cleaning and driveway pressure washing, making it an eco-friendly choice for homes and businesses. The specialty cleansers used for soft wash cleaning also make quick work of dissolving thick dirt and bothersome mold and algae, ensuring a thorough clean each and every time.