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About The Big 5 Exhibition

The Big 5 Exhibition is the country’s leading trade show for commercial and residential construction and building, design, renovation, repair, maintenance, and all other related trades and industries. The Big 5 Exhibition offers a comprehensive event for everyone involved in the building and construction trades, including designers, architects, manufacturers, suppliers, and all other decision makers and innovators.

The big 5 exhibition

The Big 5 Exhibition allows everyone involved with and interested in the trades industries to come together under one roof, so they can collaborate, innovate, and share their experience in their individual fields as well as their skills, expertise, and vision for the future. Our exhibition features a wide variety of tradespersons and industries, including HVAC systems repair and installation, roofing installation and roof repairs, plumbing installation and repairs, commercial and residential renovation and remodeling, architecture and design, maintenance and cleaning of all interior and exterior surfaces and fixtures, and all other related trades.

Along with our annual expo, members and organizers of The Big 5 Exhibition vote every year on who we feel is the best in their chosen industry or field, recognizing their innovations and hard work in improving their designs, manufacturing processes, and construction, as well as the topnotch services they offer to clients. We proudly showcase the winners of our vote so they get the recognition they deserve for their skills and expertise.

If you’re interested in showcasing your work at the next The Big 5 Exhibition, be sure to fill out an application on this site. We welcome your feedback and input and hope to see you at the next exhibition!