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How to Find an Expert Plumbing Company

This post is put forth by Princeton Plumbing Pros.  They have been selected as our choice plumber for the Big 5 Exhibition and have given us this piece of content to help homeowners find the RIGHT plumber.


Finding a plumbing company you can trust can be a challenge.  Finding a plumbing company you can trust when there is water gushing from a broken pipe or sewage is overflowing from a stopped-up drain is more than a challenge.  


There are some tips you can use to make sure that the plumbing company you select is trustworthy and competent.  Following them can save you time, frustration, and money.


How to find an expert plumbing company.  Finding an expert plumbing company you can trust is a matter of common sense and doing a little homework.  Things you should look for in a plumbing company include:


  • Make sure the plumbing company is licensed;
  • Check their background and experience using local sources for review and feedback,
  • How do they present themselves, and;
  • Do they carry all the required insurance?



Licensing and Permits

Any plumbing company you choose should be licensed by the jurisdiction in which they are doing business.  State agencies usually oversee the licensing of plumbers. Local jurisdictions may also have additional licensing requirements as well as registration for anyone doing contract plumbing work.  


A reputable plumber should have not qualms about answering questions about their licenses.  Many jurisdictions require a licensed plumber to carry a wallet-sized copy of their license for just such occasions.


Depending on the type of plumbing job that you are having done, local building codes may require that the job be permitted and inspected.  You should know before any work starts if the plumbing contractor is responsible for taking out the permits or if this is your responsibility.

Background and Experience

In this digital age, finding information on the background and experience of a plumbing company should be relatively easy.  There are many local online agencies and websites that tally customer reviews and responses about all sorts of companies providing services in their area.


A search of Plumber in Princeton NJ returns pages of recommendations.  Online services such as YELP, HomeAdvisor, and ThreeBestRated often include comments and reviews of local plumbing companies as part of their services.  Some of these online services will allow you to post a question about the plumbing company. This is a good way to solicit reviews and recommendations from others plumber in princeton njwho may have used the company in the past.


Asking your friends and relatives for recommendations is another good way to find a trustworthy plumbing company with known background and experience.  First-hand experience is the best kind of information about the quality of work and reputation of any plumbing company. 


The Better Busines Bureau is another good resource for checking the background and reliability of a local business.  The BBB will provide information on many companies including the way they respond to complaints and how they conduct their client relationships.




Finally, ask other contractors or service providers you have used in the past.  Most tradespeople are knowledgeable about the reputation and kind of service that other trade people provide.  If you have another contractor or service provider with whom you are comfortable, ask their opinion about the plumbing companies they would recommend.


How Does the Company Present Itself

Your first impressions about the way the company presents itself are one of your best tools to judge a plumbing company.  The way a company maintains its public profile is a good indication of the way they do business. There are some things to look for:


Look at Their Vehicles

Reputable companies maintain their vehicles in top condition.  Keeping a fleet of vehicles is a financial necessity. Small companies with only one or two vehicles rely on those cars or trucks on a daily basis and it is imperative that those vehicles are kept.


A plumber who arrives in a dilapidated truck or van with no markings or signage may be questionable.  Many people think that the way a technician maintains their vehicle is an indication of the way they perform their work.


The vehicles used by most plumbing companies are rolling advertising.  The companies want to give the best impression possible. Even small independent plumbers will have some kind of identification on their vehicles.  Beware the plumber who shows up incognito at your home.

Look at the Person

Did the plumber arrive in a uniform?   Is it neat and clean? Most plumbing companies will outfit their employees in identifiable uniforms.  The employee represents the company and should reflect the business professionally.


Even reputable plumbers who work alone will have some sort of work uniform.  It may not be a logoed uniform, but they will dress in a way that reflects their professionalism and expertise in their chosen field.

Some plumbing companies go above and beyond.  When the plumber slips on a pair of disposable covers of their work boots before entering your home, you get the idea that this company is interested in your best interest and the best interest of your home.


Another good indication of the professionalism of the plumbing company is the way they handle their business.  Do they provide a written estimate of the work to be performed? Do they use printed forms with a professional logo and heading?   A plumber who writes your invoice on a yellow legal pad in pencil doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.


Finding an Expert Plumbing Company

Of course, if you have water running through your house from a broken pipe, you may not have time to do the due diligence to find an expert plumbing company.  That is one of the reasons we encourage everyone to develop a relationship with a plumbing company before a disaster occurs.  


When the time comes that you need that rapid response from someone you trust can be a lifesaver.   Taking the time before you are in that situation can mean less frustration and less panic.  


We hope the tips offered in this article help you on your way to finding a reputable expert plumbing company.  Having the knowledge and the understanding of what to look for and what is the secret to making good decisions about which plumbing company to hire for your job.