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If you’re in the market for the most reliable and affordable plumbing services in Hollywood, Florida, you need to call the pros at K2 Plumbing. The team at K2 Plumbing offer over 40 years of combined industry experience and pride themselves on their fine attention to detail and responsive customer service.

K2 Plumbing offers a full line of residential and commercial plumbing, including leak detection in a Hollywood FL home or business. Prompt leak detection services protect a structure from water damage and resultant mold growth, and also reduces water waste!

A tankless water heater installation by the experts at K2 Plumbing also conserves energy while ensuring you always have hot water on demand. K2 Plumbing also specializes in emergency plumbing services including burst pipes and floods. Whatever your needs for residential and commercial plumbing in Hollywood Florida and surrounding cities, call K2 Plumbing today.

02/28/2020 – 2:49pm

My Go-To Plumber

K2 Plumbing is a fantastic Hollywood area plumbing area.  They are honest and transparent and I always feel confident fully trusting whatever they recommend.
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